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My Life-Changing Experience with Vida Guatemala NGO

In 2013, I had the opportunity to be a part of a life-changing journey to Vida Guatemala NGO. This remarkable organization not only shaped my perspective on volunteerism but also left an indelible impression that continues to inspire my commitment to giving back. Join me as I recount the memorable events of my first visit to Vida Guatemala NGO and the profound impact it had on my life.

Discovering Vida Guatemala NGO

I was working with an international education organization that supported a variety of volunteer projects. It all began when a fellow Volunteer Coordinator introduced me to Oliver, one of the founders of Vida Guatemala NGO. Drawn to the organization's mission and transformative work in Guatemala, our organization decided to send volunteers to support the Síndrome de Amor School created by Vida Guatemala NGO.

Choosing to be Part of the NGO

We decided to be part of the NGO due to its special methodology in assessing individual needs and strengths of their students. Additionally, we were aware of the limited resources available for special needs children in the public education system of Guatemala. Our admiration for the leadership and teaching at Vida Guatemala fueled our desire to support them in every way we could.

Role and Experience

As a Volunteer Coordinator, my role involved bringing volunteers to assist at the NGO. The experience was truly life-changing. Working closely with the students, both inside and outside the classroom, I felt a deep sense of purpose and impact with each visit. The warm welcome and the connections formed with the students and staff made this experience unforgettable.

Community Spirit at Vida Guatemala NGO

One aspect that stood out the most was the sense of community fostered by Vida Guatemala NGO. The founders, Daniel and Oliver, had already established themselves as active members of their own community, and they successfully created a nurturing environment within the school. Every person felt valued for who they were, and this sense of belonging was truly inspiring.

The Evolution of Vida Guatemala NGO

Over the years, I witnessed the evolution of Vida Guatemala NGO. The school expanded from its initial location to a new building, providing better facilities for the students. Returning after a few years, I was overwhelmed with joy to see the healthy growth and development of the students. Despite the physical changes, the real beauty of the organization lies in the dedication of the teachers, children, and founders Daniel & Oliver who make the space what it is! I felt at home from my first foot step into their first house, and I always feel like it is home when I go back!

Continued Support for Vida's Mission

As a family, we have continued to support Vida Guatemala NGO by visiting the school and volunteering our time. Additionally, since starting our own business, we have used it as a platform to give back. We are currently leading a fundraising campaign and organizing a service learning experiential trip to Vida Guatemala on February 4-10, 2024. A portion of each person’s payment will be donated directly to Vida Guatemala. This is also part of the bigger plan to continue building the Vida community and support! The more people are getting involved, the better it will be for everyone involved!

Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges faced by Vida Guatemala NGO is funding. As a privately owned non-profit organization, they rely solely on donations to sustain their operations. To overcome this, they need consistent donors who are willing to contribute their time and money. By raising awareness and encouraging more individuals to support their cause, Vida Guatemala NGO can make a significant impact. The median salary in the U.S.A. is $60,000 – which is near their budget for the whole year! If 100 people donated $1000 throughout all of Vida Guatemala NGO’s efforts, they would have over $100,000 and could do so much more!

How to Support Vida Guatemala NGO

1. Fundraising campaign Please join us in supporting this amazing organization! Over 120 children & families directly benefit from your donation! All donations can be written off your taxes in the U.S., and the donations will be transferred directly from our GoFundMe fundraising campaign directly to the Vida Guatemala NGO.

2. Tourist trip Cultura Spirit You can also experience the Vida Guatemala NGO and Guatemala for yourself by joining us for the Service Learning trip in February 2024! We will be volunteering at Vida in the morning and immersing ourselves in both cultural & adventurous activities! Would you like to roast a marshmallow on top of a volcano? We sure hope so because it is a heck of an experience!|

We are so grateful for you taking the time to read our blog post with Vida Guatemala NGO and we encourage you to make a difference today!

Colin Dempsey is an Owner & Tour Guide for Cultura Spirit. He has lived in North, Central, and South America and he strongly believes that the Vida Guatemala NGO is a unique organization going above and beyond for their community.

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Mimi Wheeler
Mimi Wheeler
08 juil. 2023

Thank you for this important involvement. my first visit to Vida was 4-5 years ago and I was smitten by the love and commitment to learning that I met here. I later became a board member.

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