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Colegio Síndrome de Amor, a beacon of hope and inclusivity, emerged as a result of the relentless efforts by Vida Guatemala NGO. With a deep commitment to empowering children, this school was established to provide them with a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. Thanks to Vida Guatemala's unwavering dedication, Colegio Síndrome de Amor has become a haven where these remarkable students can thrive, develop essential skills, and experience the joy of education.


Our Story

Inclusive Education

Get to Know Us

Since 2012, the inclusive school "Síndrome de Amor" has been a testament to the tremendous efforts of Vida Guatemala NGO. The school integrates children with intellectual disabilities into regular classrooms, offering a robust and inclusive learning environment for every student. In 2022 alone, we proudly served 95 students, including 25 with intellectual disabilities, ensuring they receive the education they deserve in a supportive and inclusive setting.


Síndrome de Amor provides inclusive learning opportunities  designed for kids and youth people with limited access to education. Our organization also supports the community with services such as building houses, donating filters, food bags and offering nutritional meals for children. Students attend classes in english, science, math, technology, agriculture and cooking.

Learning Opportunities

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

Our inclusive K-12 school serves children and teenagers with and without disabilities play and learn together. Our methodology allows students to engage with learning appropriate for their cognitive development, setting the basis for a society where people with disabilities feel included and gain greater independence throughout their lives.

Our Community




We serve 100 students a year, 35 with disabilities



11 years supporting families with holistic inclusive education



35 teachers support the education of our children


The community of San Miguel Dueñas

🌟 We are proud of the recognition received from the San Miguel Dueñas community for our work with children with disabilities! Previously, there was no information available, but thanks to our efforts, we have become the only civil society project with support from the local government. 🙌

👩‍🏫 We are thrilled to have created employment opportunities for 35 teachers, who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these incredible children. Together, we are providing guidance on an educational model that can positively impact other communities and reach children from different areas.

🔍 Our focus is on understanding the unique abilities of each child, allowing us to tailor our approach and enhance their skills. We are also committed to the professional development of our teachers, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to provide inclusive education.

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