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Inclusive Education

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Vida Guatemala, founded by Daniel Chan and Oliver Poron, is a remarkable initiative dedicated to providing inclusive education to children with disabilities in San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala. In 2023, their impact was evident as they proudly served 100 students, including 35 with intellectual disabilities. 


Vida Guatemala

Learning opportunities

At Vida Guatemala, our educational programs are designed to provide comprehensive learning experiences for children with disabilities.



Our advanced mathematics method, led by Oliver, goes beyond the national curriculum, covering topics typically taught to 6th graders in other institutions as early as 3rd grade.


Cooking classes

The cooking classes offer hands-on learning, allowing children to develop skills while using vegetables they grow in our garden. In our


Agriculture program

students actively participate in outdoor activities, such as planting, caring for, and harvesting vegetables. This practical approach complements the Natural Sciences curriculum, providing enriching educational opportunities for our students.

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Vida Guatemala NGO's dedicated team creates inclusive programs for implementation at Síndrome de Amor School. With a deep understanding of children with disabilities, we develop innovative curriculum and teaching methods tailored to their diverse abilities. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. Together, we are making a transformative impact on the lives of these exceptional children.

Our Programs

Vida Farm


Through our farm, our students have the chance to learn about agriculture, farm animals and production of ornamental plants. 


Vida farm provides students with experiential learning opportunities and hands-on environmental education.  

Inclusive Employment

We create employment opportunities for our graduated students with disabilities, so they can join the workforce and gain greater financial independence.


We are currently developing new business models to offer inclusive employment to more people in the community.

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