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Do you want to be part of our program?

Volunteer Program

Join us in making a difference! Become a volunteer with Vida Guatemala NGO and empower children with disabilities. Together, let's create a brighter future through love, support, and inclusive education. Join our team today!



Volunteer Support Areas

Check the support areas where we need volunteers


Teacher training and development

Participate in teacher training sessions to enhance their skills in working with children with disabilities


English language instruction

Teach English language skills to empower children with disabilities and broaden their opportunities


Engaging social media content

Contribute to creating engaging and impactful social media content to raise awareness about our cause


Inclusive education support

Engage in educational activities and provide academic support to children in the classroom

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Fundraising for resources

Support fundraising efforts to secure resources for educational materials and infrastructure development


Psychological support for children

Utilize your psychology background to offer emotional support and guidance to children with disabilities

Volunteer format

Whether you prefer an on-site or virtual opportunity, we have a place for you. Our volunteer program operates Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, providing flexibility for those with busy schedules. This allows you to choose a time slot that best suits your availability and commitment level.


How to become a Vida Guatemala volunteer?

Becoming a Vida Guatemala volunteer is easy! 

Follow these simple steps:

1. Explore, choose role aligning skills.
3. Fill out the online volunteer application form with your details.



5. Complete any necessary training or background checks.
6. Actively participate in your chosen volunteer position.
7. Stay engaged, attend, contribute actively.
8. Impact lives, experience rewarding joy.

Join our dedicated team of volunteers and be a part of creating lasting change!

Vida Guatemala Community

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