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Vida Guatemala

About us

Vida Guatemala is a non-profit organization formed by a team of Guatemalans passionate about helping and supporting their community. We are passionate about bringing Inclusive Education to the community of San Miguel Dueñas. We give our hearts and souls to every class we teach, every plate of food we serve and every action we take. The most important thing to us is that every child we work with feels happy and at home at our inclusive school "Síndrome de Amor."

Vida Guatemala


VIDA Guatemala seeks to eradicate poverty and transform lives by providing high-quality, inclusive education for children of all abilities in the impoverished community of San Miguel Duenas, Guatemala. By providing access to comprehensive education, vocational projects, and entrepreneurial opportunities, VIDA Guatemala supports children in developing their competencies, maximizing their potential, and re-imagining the trajectories of their lives.


Create a nurturing and inclusive society where people with disabilities can thrive and gain greater independence to live fulfilling and happy lives.


Vida Guatemala

Our Values

We seek to create opportunities for children who would normally be excluded from education. We strive to provide quality and inclusive education that goes beyond the classroom; we also provide vocational and environmental education.

Meet the Team

The team at Vida Guatemala is a dedicated and passionate group of individuals committed to transforming the lives of children with disabilities. With a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds, our team brings together educators, therapists, social workers, and administrators, all united by a common goal: to create a more inclusive and empowering future for these remarkable children.


Our dedicated teachers provide quality education for children with disabilities, continuously improving their skills to better support these students. Your support allows us to invest in their training, ensuring they make a lasting impact on these exceptional children's lives in an inclusive learning environment.

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Marleny Quiñonez

Daniela Poron

Evelyn Ordoñes

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Fátima Barrientos

Hellen López

Vida Guatemala Farm

Vida Guatemala NGO's farm workers educate children with disabilities on environmental care, fostering a connection to nature through hands-on experiences. They create a sustainable learning environment that nurtures a love for the earth and its resources in these remarkable children.


Farm Coordinator

Walter Pedro

Vida Guatemala USA


Bridging Hearts, Transforming Lives: Vida Guatemala USA

Vida Guatemala USA was created as an organization to support and represent the work of Vida Guatemala NGO. It was established to facilitate fundraising efforts, raise awareness, and provide a platform for collaboration and partnerships in the United States to further the mission and impact of Vida Guatemala NGO.


Board of Directors

Dedicated to our cause, our Board Director plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction and ensuring our initiatives align with our core values. Their strong leadership skills, coupled with a deep understanding of our organization's goals, empower us to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.


Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Ross Noecker

Mimi Wheeler

Rebecca Robinson

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Board Member

Board Member

Rebecca Burdett

Dr. Tanja Wittrock

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Board Member

James Stark

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