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Blanca Ramos's Work: A Story of Dedication and Commitment to the Sindrome de Amor School

At the heart of our Sindrome de Amor School, where we dedicate ourselves to educating children with disabilities and from low-income backgrounds in Guatemala, stands an exemplary figure who embodies the spirit of commitment and dedication: teacher Blanca.

Empowering Through Language

At 33 years old, Blanca has devoted her life to teaching English, a task beyond imparting linguistic knowledge. Her passion for sports intertwines with her educational vocation, offering her students not only the tools to communicate in another language but also a model of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Practical Language Learning with Confidence One of Blanca's main focuses is to teach English classes with a practical methodology, encouraging constant use of the language in everyday activities. This approach not only facilitates grammar learning but also provides children with the confidence to communicate in a second language.

Dedication Beyond the Classroom

The scope of her work is impressive: Blanca directly impacts the education of the 130 students at the school. This number highlights the importance and reach of her work, as well as the challenge of meeting the needs of such a diverse and vulnerable group.

The Sindrome de Amor School constantly needs more resources and access to specialized training. However, Blanca's and her colleagues' commitment and dedication have fostered outstanding performance that distinguishes them in the Guatemalan educational landscape. The teacher participated in the International Congress "Preserving Innocence, Pursuing Crime" in Guatemala, where she actively collaborated with other key actors from various institutions. Her goal was to promote the protection of children and adolescents against abuse, sexual exploitation, and crime in defense of childhood.

Gratitude for a Legacy We are deeply grateful for her dedication and ongoing support. With them, we can fulfill our essential mission of providing education and opportunities to children in great need. Teacher Blanca's legacy will endure as an example of dedication and love for teaching in the school's history.

Donate The school has attracted volunteers willing to support teachers like Blanca through sponsorship. Recognizing their crucial role in education, these volunteers are committed to contributing to teachers' professional and personal development. Participation in this initiative is encouraged to finance training and enhance the educational quality for children.

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