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Rebecca Robinson: A visit as a board member, representing the USA team at Vida Guatemala NGO

Rebecca Robinson, a prominent figure on our Board of Directors in the USA, plays a pivotal role in shaping our organization's strategic direction and ensuring that our initiatives seamlessly align with our core values. Her robust leadership skills, combined with a profound comprehension of our organizational goals, empower us to effect a lasting, positive difference in the lives of those we are dedicated to serving.

A few weeks ago, Rebecca had the privilege of visiting VIDA Guatemala NGO, a remarkable opportunity that provided her with insights into the remarkable progress achieved through projects such as the Síndrome de Amor School and the greenhouse. These initiatives are being diligently advanced by the dedicated volunteers we've been fortunate to receive from numerous countries, including recent contributions from Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and the USA.

Rebecca shared her reflections on her visit, stating, "Experiencing VIDA in person was truly inspiring. From the moment I stepped into the facility, it was abundantly clear that each student absolutely adores attending school. I had the honor of observing multiple classes in session. In one instance, students eagerly approached me, showcasing their English notebooks and practicing questions and phrases in English."

During her visit, she also witnessed Oliver, one of the Founders of Vida Guatemala NGO, expertly teaching algebra with a gentle, organized, and thoughtful approach that left a profound impression. Every student was fully engaged, displaying both a deep respect for their peers and a genuine appreciation for their learning environment.

Embracing Inclusive

Education Rebecca was elated to witness the harmonious interaction among all the children. She noted, "Perhaps the most heartwarming experience was observing students of all ages playing together during their break. The sight of younger and older children exploring, laughing, and enjoying each other's company was truly heartening."

índrome de Amor School's Core Values

In the learning space, every time an adult entered, several students warmly greeted them with affection. The transformation of this space is nothing short of remarkable, and Rebecca acknowledged the challenges of potentially relocating such a cherished and well-utilized space.

Supporting Our Mission Through Donations

To sustain their impactful programs, VIDA relies on financial support. Equally important is the backing to fully harness the potential of their existing resources, including the poinsettias and water treatment systems. The commitment to education at VIDA is a collective effort, driven by passion and an unwavering commitment to inclusive learning for students with special needs. It is evident that VIDA's influence profoundly resonates within the San Miguel Dueñas community. Rebecca's visit was a source of great joy, and she eagerly anticipates her return.

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