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Our Work

Since 2012, our inclusive school "Síndrome de Amor" has integrated children with intellectual disabilities in the same classrooms as students without disabilities, providing an inclusive, robust learning experience for each student. In 2022, we served 95 students, including 25 with intellectual disabilities.

Inclusive Education

Síndrome de Amor provides inclusive learning opportunities  designed for kids and youth people with limited access to education.Our organization also supports the community with services such as building houses, donating filters, food bags and offering nutritional meals for children. Students attend classes in english, science, math, technology, agriculture and cooking.

Vida Farm

Through our farm, our students have the chance to learn about agriculture,farm animals and production of ornamental plants. 


Vida farm provides students with experiential learning opportunities and hands-on environmental education.  

Volunteers are welcome to participate in agriculture classes, working in the garden, supporting with the production of organic fertilizers and lending a hand to our teachers to implement the enviromental education curriculum.

Inclusive Employment

We create employment opportunities for our graduated students with disabilities, so they can join the workforce and gain greater financial independence. We are currently developing new business models to offer inclusive employment to more people in the community.



We welcome short and long-term volunteers to come help at our school and farm project. 


Send us a message to inquire about volunteer opportunities! 

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