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The inspiring story of Cristian and the power of inclusion at the Colegio Síndrome de Amor

Noemí and Mario, parents of two children, faced numerous challenges in their search for inclusive education for their son, Cristian Pacheco. At 10 years old, Cristian lives with psychomotor delay and visual impairment, facing limitations in his vision. However, this family persevered and found hope at Colegio Síndrome de Amor, a school supported by the NGO Vida Guatemala.

The journey towards inclusion was not easy. During Noemí's pregnancy, an accident led to a premature birth of Cristian at six months of gestation. He spent 45 days in an incubator, struggling to breathe on his own with the aid of an air tube. It was then they discovered he had a detached retina. As Cristian grew, they faced the difficulty of finding schools willing to accommodate him. Noemí and Mario felt the pain and frustration of repeated rejections. The fight for inclusion became exhausting, but they never lost hope.

The challenge for education

Inclusion in schools has been a challenge for Cristian, as they encountered difficulties in finding a school willing to accept him. Even if they left him at an educational institution for just half a day, Noemí would wait outside because they always told her they would call if anything happened.

Mario, a firefighter, mentions that, just like in his work where they are trained to handle distressing situations and communicate with people through sign language, schools should also be prepared to face similar challenges.

How did they get to the Colegio Síndrome of the NGO Amor de Vida Guatemala?

In their search for an educational environment that would fully accept and support their son, Noemí decided to share their story on social media. It was through this brave action that they discovered Colegio Síndrome de Amor, supported by the NGO Vida Guatemala. An encounter that would change their lives forever.

Colegio Síndrome de Amor became the beacon of hope that the family needed. Here, they not only found quality education but also a space where love, inclusion, and acceptance were fundamental pillars. Noemí and Mario describe how the school has taught them to view disability as something normal, cultivating love for others and self-love. In this comprehensive environment, children learn everything from academic skills to cultivating fruits and vegetables, and cooking.

What stands out from the school?

Today, two of Noemí and Mario's children study at Colegio Síndrome de Amor. The joy of seeing Cristian in an inclusive environment, where all their children can coexist without barriers, is an immense achievement. They have overcome their fears and built complete trust in the institution and in Cristian's future.

The story of Cristian and his family is an inspiring testament to the importance of inclusion and the positive impact it can have on a person's life. They teach us that, despite obstacles, love and determination can open doors and change destinies.

Let's continue supporting our work, together we make a difference

Join us in our fight for inclusion and love. Discover how you can support and make a difference in the lives of children like Cristian at Colegio Síndrome de Amor, supported by the NGO Vida Guatemala. Together, we can create a more inclusive world for everyone. Learn more about our work and how you can contribute on our website!

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